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Event Registration - The Mandt System - Instructor Certification Training
Start Date:
Monday, April 18, 2016
End Date:
Friday, April 29, 2016
Marketing Description:

In partnership with The Mandt System®, FEI brings you a flexible Workplace Violence Prevention program that is relationship-based and person-centric, treating all individuals with dignity and respect.

A comprehensive training approach is paired with a wide range of tools for managing disruptive behavior before, during and after an incident. The training program focuses on early warning signs, integrating gradual alternatives for supporting and de-escalating people. For organizations with the need, physical techniques are available in the full program and are designed to reduce injury to all involved in the encounter.

A tried and tested train-the-trainer model is combined with no post-training cost burden for training materials. This unique workplace violence prevention program helps to create an environment and relationships which are a foundation for lasting and beneficial change.

FEI has a long and distinguished history in providing crisis intervention training, along with our emergency call center, behavioral health counseling, crisis management, family assistance and other support services. The Mandt System has a 40 year history of building safe workplaces through healthy relationships throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, in all human service sectors.

Intended Audience

If you work with people, this training is applicable to you!

Whether it is working with students, patients, clients, consumers, or fellow staff members, this training has something for everyone. Because the focus is on relationships and treating all individuals with dignity and respect, it can improve both external service levels and team relationships.

Typical organizations and fields who utilize this program: human service, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, long term care facilities, residential and group home facilities, government, juvenile and adult corrections, forensic and secure settings, and higher education in the schools of nursing, psychology, and education.

St. Stephen's Community House
1500 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219
Conference Fees:Training rate: $1505
  • All resources to conduct your trainings are provided FREE on DVD and online, including workbooks, posters, certificates, electronic presentations, etc.
  • There is also NO annual fee to maintain your certification. You incur cost of certification only.
  • Fees do not include hotel accommodations. Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided. All other meals are on your own.

NOTE: Training is subject to cancellation if minimum participant total has not been filled. Participants will be notified no later than 2 weeks prior to training in the event of a cancellation. If training is cancelled, participants will have the opportunity to either attend the training at a different date/location, or receive full discount for training fee. If participant would like to discuss further training scheduling options, please contact Amber Alles.

Coordinators:Amber Alles, (414) 359-6614 for registration questions
Raquelle Solon, (470) 728-7423 for course content questions
Learning Objectives:Relational/Conceptual/Technical (RCT) Level Certification Training Topics
  • Building Healthy Relationships: Foundational Beliefs, Working as a Team, Dealing with Emotions, Causes of Stress, and Crisis Cycle
  • Building Healthy Communication: Nonverbal, Vocal, and Verbal Elements in Communication; Strategies for De-escalation
  • Building Healthy Conflict Resolution: Communication through Problem Solving and Problem Solving Techniques
  • Trauma Informed Services: To help staff better work with people who have experienced trauma
  • Positive Behavior Support: Supporting people, not just their behaviors
  • Liability and Legal Issues: Foundational legal and liability issues regarding support
  • Medical Risk Factors: An overview of risk factors in use of physical restraint
  • Assisting and Supporting Skills: Body mechanics, stances, and physical supports to assist people
  • Separating Skills: Physical techniques of separating people
  • Restraining Skills: Standing interventions used only if immediate harm exists
Online registration is no longer available. Please contact Amber Alles, or (414) 359-6614.